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Ok, we agree tha there are a lot of text editors, so we should highlight those ones which are better or offer you something special. That’s the reason why we talk you about TextMorph, because it's easy to use, with great features and it's totally free.

TextMorph offers you both simple and advanced options, for example, it can convert from text to HTML, html to text, change upper/lower case,...

It’s similar to notepad, but it offers you more options and runs smoothlier, it doesn’t consume a lot of resources and it weights not more than 2 MB, so all things related to it are good.

If you think it doesn’t suit your needs because you doesn’t need more features that the ones offered by the text editor you are using nowadays, think about forwarded e-mails, TextMorph could be useful for you for no other reason than using it to quickly "clean up" them, because it can automatically remove all those ">" signs and so forth.
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